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The origin of olive plants is located in the Middle East, the area of Persia, Palestine and Syria, were up to 2000 years old plants still can be found. It was not until 6000 years ago, the olive tree was widespread in the Mediterranean, where it was cultivated and there it led to prosperity and wealth of the people.
Olives are part of the very health-promoting Mediterranean cuisine. They are an essential part of today's modern kitchen. They are also important for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Olives are available in sizes 71-90 mammoth super super, super mammoth 91-100, mammoth 101-110, Super Colossal 111-120, Colossal 121-140, 146-160 Giants, Extra Jumbo 161-180, 181 Jumbo -200, 201-230 Extra Large, Large 231-260, 261-290 superior. The numbers indicate the number of olives per kilogram.

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Olives Pitted

Greek Kalamata Olives

Olives Stuffed with Cheese

Olives Stuffed with Almonds

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Greek olives
Spanish olives
Marinated olives